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I took a couple of weeks off following the solo show at DeLeon White. The Secret Museum of Mankind was a huge success and I want to thank everyone who came out to see it and say hi, both on opening night and throughout its duration. The gallery will have the work in their permanent collection from now on and are releasing a book of their entire stockpile in the new year. Stockpile is kind of a gross word, but it’s late and I can’t think of another word for collection. It’s been a relaxing four weeks since the show. I’ve been eating a lot of candy and sleeping every night and going to the movies (more this month than I have in the last two years combined, which still only adds up to two or three movies). I figure that two more weeks of spoiling myself is plenty and plan to start working on the next show November 30th. The second solo show will be finished spring of 2011.

Speaking of shows, I had work in a group show at the TA2 Sound + Music studios last Thursday. They do a lot of really fantastic work, ranging from animation, commercials and websites to recording, radio spots and art exhibitions. They did a great job with the show and everyone should check out their reels at:

TA2 Sound + Music

This week I will finish carving a block for a book of original woodcuts being published by my friends at Free North Press. They imported the paper from France and are very very excited to use it. It will be a 5″ x 7″ book, containing one image from each artist that they’ve invited. I haven’t carved a relief block in ages, so I’m excited and terrified to see how it’ll turn out. Mainly terrified though, because 90% of my carving memories consist of slicing through my hands bone-deep with gouging tools on an hourly basis. If you see me with bandaids covering my hands, please play along when I say that I’ve been handling cobras all day.

This week I will also finish a drawing that will be in a group show at Show&Tell gallery in Toronto. It opens December 12th and I can’t wait to see the other work that will be exhibited. Simon opened the gallery last summer and has had a steady stream of really good shows ever since, as well as a very impressive roster of artists, whom I’m flattered to show work alongside. They have also opened a pop-up print shop which is only open for as long as prints are available, so jump on it before they’re all sold out.

Show&Tell Gallery

Client work has been building up quickly through The Artist Group. I still can’t really talk about it yet, but it looks very good and I’m excited to see how far we can push it. They threw a really good launch of images at Ami, featuring a couple of the represented illustrators. Ami is a nice place. It was like being in an Aspen ski lodge. They make delicious boozy apple drinks, which I apparently am a sucker for. They also have things like fancy stones on the tables for resting chopsticks and complimentary bowls of greenbeans which you’re apparently not supposed to eat whole. My friend Shaun and I didn’t know any of this and made fools of ourselves all night. Then we realized that all of the waitresses thought we were an item, being clumsy and awkward, the way people tend to be on a first date or something. I also have a interview in an upcoming issue of Cheek Magazine, which is published by The Artist Group. I’ll post the link when it is released.

While on the topic of alcohol, I met with my friend Amanda Nedham last week and we worked out some collaborative ideas. Amanda’s show opened the day after mine did, at Le Gallery, and we didn’t have time to finish the collab drawings that we had initially planned to do for either show since we both ended up working well into the 11th hour. We still have details to work out, but we’re putting together fifty 8″ x 10″ limited edition wooden boxes, each containing 10 prints. Four from her, four from me, and two collaborative images. It will be ready for purchase in early 2010, but a small 1st run might be done in time for the holidays. After drinks were drank and decisions were yelled out, we ended up at Whippersnapper and saw our friend Adrian Dilena, who is also a fantastic painter. Adrian and his girlfriend Amanda Sissons run an online talk-show called Late Night in the Bedroom, and they held the premiere screening of the fourth installment on Halloween. They interviewed me for one of the segments. Even though I’m convinced that I rambled and stuttered and inadvertently flashed a lot of gang signs, they assure me that it isn’t bad and is worth checking out. The last part is probably true because the show is really well produced and I hope it runs for a long time.


It’s getting pretty late and I’m about to stop making sense soon. Also, Married…With Children is playing in the background, making concentrating on anything else impossible. I stenciled some hand drawn text at DeLeon White last Thursday morning for the “Wham City & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull [Canada]” show that evening. Also,the mascot from my solo show is going to be in a music video soon.

Next update will reveal everything this one is hiding.

Alex Coleurs in DeLeon White's back room

Setting up the show

Setting up the show

West wall of DeLeon White

South wall of DeLeon White

East wall of DeLeon White. Photo by Dan Chan

East pole of DeLeon White

The Secret Museum of Mankind - 40 x 60

The King of Trees. The Heir of Trees. Photo by Dan Chan


Best buds

The downside of last-minute digital price lists. Whoever changed the prices for pieces 25 and 26 should worry about having their face broken

DeLeon White wins the medal for most creative spelling of my name

Making buttons with Emma

Manifesto's Toronto Artmap. My piece is the white one, far left. Photo by Laura Blenkinsop.

Print at Marben for The Artist Group's weekly illustration event

Adrian and Amanda being cool and tough

Batman picking up girls


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