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It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to post an update. I’ve been running errands, tying up loose ends, and preparing to go back into 25/8 (which is more than 24/7) work mode for the next 15 months. Drawings for the new show are underway and I’m really excited to see how they turn out as a collection. About 50% of the show is already completely planned out…mainly because I can’t afford to re-stock all of my materials right now, and all I can do is plan and sketch and get that junk out of the way. It feels like sitting in math class and watching the clock tick, but knowing that recess starts in 15 minutes….(makes sense, right?). If anyone can recommend a red paint that dries flat, let me know. Chromacolor isn’t red enough, Flashe doesn’t dry flat enough, and gouache is a separate nightmare.

This month I’ve been working on a poster for a movie called GravyTrain. It’s by April Mullen and Tim Doiron, the masterminds behind “Way of the Tosser”. It’s their second feature film and is really awesome. April and Tim are also awesome. They brought me a box of chocolates for valentine’s day, which I ate in one sitting for breakfast on February 15th. It’s probably annoying when I type things like “I’ve been working on this and that….but it’s top secret and I can’t post photos of it yet”…but this is one of those times. In the meantime, here is a link to the site:


Way of the Tosser

The Artist Group has hooked me up with some exciting client work. We met with Adidas recently to go over designs for tennis and skateboard apparel, and will be talking to New Era in the coming weeks about some new cap designs. Now I just need to get sponsored by Alize and a black hoodie company and I’ll never have to pay for clothing/liquor again…assuming that one of those companies also makes socks and underwear. The Artist Group also hosted another showcase of its represented illustrators last week. My drawing for the show is posted below. I think the theme of the show was supposed to be “island girls”, or something to do with hula-skirts and coconut bikinis. Either way, it made me realize that I can’t draw girls….properly.

My friends Lee and Jenny are getting married this summer and asked me to draw a couple of things for their invitations. Lee and Jenny are awesome and have really good taste. (That wasn’t supposed to sound as conceited as it probably did. When they described what they wanted on their invitations, they said “a crest with things inside it, with a mountain goat and a cobra on either side. Good taste). Also, if any babes want to teach me how to dance at a wedding, give me a shout. We’ll work something out. (That wasn’t supposed to sound as greasy as it probably did).

To leave on a high note, I’ve been playing basketball on Thursdays at an indoor court. Last week I broke my glasses going for a rebound. Anyone that has tried them on knows how strong they are (in prescription, not structure). Long story short, I hit the game-winning shot, essentially with my eyes closed.

Hoop dreams…

Drawing for The Artist Group's illustration show - 8x10

Woodcut of Dracula's Skull for a book of prints

A show at Well&Good Gallery. I'm middle left. Lola Landekic is middle right

Mike and I pitching ideas to Adidas. Photo by Mike

Happy new year

Vin Diesel's license plate?


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