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41 Days later

I finally have a chance to sit down for a moment and give this blog a much-needed update. The Outer Limits is playing in the background, so I apologize in advance if this sounds like it was written in the early ’90’s by a scientist who reanimated his dead son in the form of a robot welded to a tricycle (SPOILER ALERT: this episode is about a scientist who reanimated his dead son in the form of a robot welded to a tricycle).

It’s been a while, and I feel bad for neglecting the secret museum of mankind, but the time away gave me a chance to upload some of the stuff I’ve been working on (as well as some of the stuff I’ve been enjoying) over the last couple of months.

My next solo show is under way and is set to open in the Fall of 2011. I want to keep it pretty top secret for now, both in content and location, but I’m also really excited about where it’s headed and will likely post sketches and studio photos once in a while….I think I’ve already said too much. Um, just ignore this entire paragraph. The scientist dad just created a pair of bionic legs for his robo-son and the gravity of the situation is making me tell secrets. Nevertheless, the show is completely planned out and a couple of the larger pieces are finished (translation: I’m pretty much back in hermit mode and am taking this oppertunity to publically apologize in advance to anyone whose call I might miss or birthday I might forget). Speaking of large pieces, I was hired to paint a canvas for the opening of the Fringe Festival last week. A friend told me that I “couldn’t possibly look less inviting” while painting in front of a group of people. Maybe the headphones and the hoodie were a bad idea. Despite the difficulty of painting a 4’x8′ canvas in 6 hours, I hope Adam and Renna at Fringe like it and that it helps contribute to the continued success of the festival.

My friend Shannon Gerard recently illustrated a graphic novel by Jim Munroe called “Sword of my Mouth”. She drew most of the characters from photo references that she had taken, and I seem to remember posing for some of them a while ago at a friend’s birthday party (which means that booze was involved and I might be wrong). Either way, it’s really well done and anyone who has met Shannon knows how good her work is. Also, as a promotional campaign for the book launch, Shannon would draw a portrait of anyone that wanted one, which I have posted below. Thanks to Shannon, my suspicions that cartoon Nik is way tougher than real life Nik are confirmed.

GravyTrain had a critically acclaimed opening at the AMC theatre in Toronto and has been building momentum over the last couple of months. There have been a lot of really nice things written about the poster that I designed, and I wanted to thank (and congratulate) Tim and April again for being the best Art Directors I’ve worked with, as well as all of their hard work paying off. Now that it’s been released, I can upload the poster…and I have…and it’s below.

I’ve been working on some online stuff for SevenL Networks in Toronto since the early spring. They’re a really fantastic web hosting company that are quickly growing. I have an office in their building, with a computer that even Bill Gates would be envious of (this is the nerdy portion of the blog). I was hired to redesign their website (which is still under construction), and we have been working together ever since. A lot of the new client designs are currently being…um…made functional by really smart programmers, but once their site is re-designed, I’ll post a link to a comprehensive client list with links to their sites.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Gideon had a bachelor party at his family farm. It was a really fun weekend, with everything from a karoke machine in the barn, a tent camp in the valley, a slip’n’slide made of vapour barrier and dish soap (which seemed like a good idea until everyone that slid across it was blinded by the soap), full 11-on-11 soccer games, endless beers, pork and lobster, and a stripper that at one point cornered me in the bathroom and said that she likes guys with glasses while touching my face…then she asked me if I wanted towatch her pee. I think I said “um…I’m cool”. It was like being at a birthday party in elementary school, with 25 large drunk 8-year-olds. Congrats on the wedding Gid and Clare, your gift is in the mail (as of next Monday).

Finally, my friend Eddie Yuen, the mastermind behind The1&Only magazine, hooked me up with and illustration gig for a book in Hong Kong called “Hound’s Town”. It is being published in Hong Kong this summer, and will be printed in both Cantonese and English. I don’t have a sample copy yet, but a few of the drawings are posted below.

On impulse, I bought a $5 disposable camera that I haven’t had a chance to develop, but know is loaded with more juicy photos. I’ll post those by the middle of the month.
It’s really hot in Toronto and I think my brain is cooking inside my skull. Will write more when I regain some ability to type. Dishsoap slip’n’slide sounds pretty good right about now.

A portion of the Fringe festival painting

Shannon Gerard's portrait of me

GravyTrain poster

April, Peter Keleghan and Tim at the GravyTrain premiere

GravyTrain poster at AMC in Toronto

My office at SevenL, where I push pixels...

...and listen to gangster rap on youtube

At Gideon's bachelor party we sang songs...

...and bothered sleeping people for cigarettes...

...and got drunk with French Canadians (the bald guy was the stripper's bodyguard)...

...then played with fireworks.

Hound's Town book cover

Hound's Town samples page 1

Hound's Town samples page 2

Hound's Town samples page 3

Hound's Town samples page 4

Hound's Town samples page 5

Excerpts from The Secret Museum of Mankind - at Curio

A shrunken head my friend Mariel brought back from Ecuador

My Bulls jacket finally arrived in the mail - photo by Dan Chan

Sometimes the public transit gods smile down on you


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