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A Brief Commercial Break

Although my next solo show is over a year away, here are some of the projects that have kept me busy in August.
I’ve also included a couple of ink studies that will be incorporated into one of the show’s centerpieces. Apparently, the show will be paintings of trees and flying mud people.
I am on my way out of the house, but will drop off the disposable camera that I mentioned earlier to be developed. I’ll post any relevant, PG (maybe even PG-13) photos, if the 1-hour-photo place can get its act together.

Burton Book Sample

Burton Book Sample 2

Canadian Tire Storyboard

Canadian Tire Storyboard 2

Canadian Tire Storyboard 3

Canadian Tire Storyboard 4

Adidas Skate Shirt

The Bay Shirt (sorry, still waiting for approval to show it :)

Study 1 - Mutation Sequence

Study 2 - Um, trees or something

^ This is cool – Webpages as Graphs – for a map of your website :) This is the map for this blog.


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