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Sculptures and Ink Tests

A process drawing of a tree-island. I won’t lie, there will be a lot of rocks and trees in the next show.
I have also started working on the sculptural pieces. They will be based (and elaborated) upon some of the characters that I’ve been drawing, such as these guys. The third image posted below is a photoshop test of a ltd. edition white character named The Mountain Vampire. He is the occasional nemesis of the Black Sloths, but only when provoked.
Once sculpted and painted, they will be super rare (just like the real life Mountain Vampire).

Sorry again for the lack of finished work on this blog. I really do want to keep most of the show under wraps, but give visitors a taste of my exploits at the same time. Hope that’s cool :)
Also, I’ve been fighting a pretty tough cold, and apologize again if this entry doesn’t quite make sense.

The Northern Peak (test)

Close-Up :)

The Mountain Vampire (process test)


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