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Here are some cross-sections taken from a couple of new pieces.
There is a town consumed by an over-flowing forest at the bottom of the Tree Volcano, but that part is still severely in progress :)
Also posted is a modest introduction to The Forest Vampire, a necessary opponent to The Mountain Vampire, who resides in said over-flowing forest. He is currently stuck in the digital realm while I figure out how to, um…make him. I think he needs at least one horn.

Hopefully this doesn’t sound like complete stoner rambling. I didn’t sleep much last night and the show is far from finished. It’s tough so sum up the body of work in its entirety when 75% of it has yet to be made…Give me 10 months and everything will make 3% – 5% more sense (I can’t confidently promise anything higher :)

Oh, the third image is one of a few drawings that I did for the packaging of a model train. This drawing is for the back of the box, where there is no text/logos (because I’m not actually allowed posting any in-depth info yet). I’ll upload a photo of the box/train when it arrives…and when I have permission :)

Alright. Smoke break. Happy Thursday.

The Tree Volcano - sample

The Forest Vampire

Train box graphic (back)


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