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Ocean Beasts and Music Beasts

Here’s a crop of an unfinished piece that I’ve been working on for a while. Like the Mountain Vampire and the Forest Vampire, this piece is an indirect portrait of the Ocean Beast surrounded by it’s kingdom. Once finished, it will become a part of a larger map/world and will fit with the other pieces that it’ll be exhibited alongside.
There is a lot more real estate to the left and right of the iceberg island, which is currently under construction. The features and left horn (his left) are just placeholders while the final edits are in the process of being drawn.

This month I’ve also been working on graphics for XI, who is a close friend and ridiculous producer. They will be ready to upload in the next couple of weeks. Until then, check out promo samples from his new record here ///// XI \\\\\ as well as this awesome Scion commercial that he made music for.

I have to be at Red Lobster in 64 minutes. More work coming before Christmas :)

Ocean Beast

Ocean Beast - water close-up :)


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