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New year, new work

A quick rundown of some work from the last couple of weeks.
I created an OJ glove graphic (complete with dna) for Originally Juvenile’s new line of shirts that will be released this year. They have some cool stuff on their site.
The third image is a drawing for Adorebels. They are a company that makes custom clothing for little kids, and I think they are launching a national (or, North American even) line later this year as well.
The next image is an editorial that I was asked to illustrate. It is the second part to this image, both of which depict the depletion of natural resources.
The final two graphics are logo/branding images that I produced for XI, as mentioned in December. XI is really good, and 2011 will be a huge year for him. Here is a link to a recent interview (as well as an exclusive mix for Media Contender).

Sorry if this entry sounds rushed. The truth is, I have a basketball-watching date with a friend in an hour, and it will take me approx. 56 minutes to get there :)

OJ Shirt Design

OJ Shirt

Adorebels Rabbit design

Forest Death Editorial

Close-up :)

XI card layout sample

XI Logo


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