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June, So Far

I’ve been working on a couple of commercial illustrations since May’s update. One is of an awesome musician, the other is of an awesome actor.
Since they won’t be ready for a little bit longer, here are a couple of other things that I’ve been up to.

I was interviewed by my friend Tara Krebs for her online Weekly Mini Interview. She is really good at what she does, and the site has some really interesting nuggets of information from other artists that she’s interviewed as well. Thanks for the interview, Tara.
Weekly Mini Interview

Lisa Vanin is a really good illustrator/friend. She asked me to submit an illustration for her Paper Potions blog last week. I would be a terrible sorcerer in real life, so I hope the drawing turned out alright. Thanks for the invite, Lisa.
Paper Potions

The cottage gods smiled upon me again, because last weekend I visited another friend’s cottage, ate burgers by a fire, and drew a lighthouse in my sketchbook. Not too shabby.

Recently I was asked to create an illustration for an article that dissects Tim Hudak’s energy plan for Ontario. Below is the part of the article that is drawn :)

The Hunting Horns just released a new album and I put together the layout. I’m not sure if it’s available for purchase in real life yet, but here’a a link to some online streaming.

The Hunting Horns – Fifty Bullets Strong


Potion for Maintaining a Good Mood

Lighthouse Sketch

close up

Hudak Illustration crop

Hunting Horns - front

Hunting Horns - back


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