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It’s August

This month was Courvoisier’s group show at Gallery 1313. I had a piece in it, and am flattered that it was chosen to hang alongside the work of talented Toronto artists and illustrators. Thanks again to everyone at the Courvoisier Collective, as well as everyone that voted for my drawing :) The opening reception was delicious.

I was asked to illustrate the front cover of Brandon Brophy’s “The Singer’s Instinct”. Brandon is a really nice guy and, on top of being an excellent vocal coach, would make a great living as a knowledgeable and well-liked art director. Here’s a link to his company info for anyone interested — 3rd Voice —

I finally began using my twitter account, after registering it ages ago, and I’ll be releasing free prints and other giveaway goodies out of appreciation of anyone who actually puts up with the nonsense that I write. Same goes with my Instagram account :)

twitter – @NikDudukovic
instagram – @thesecretmuseumofmankind

The Singer's Instinct - front cover

The Singer's Instinct - voice chart

Top secret process work ;)

Courvoisier Collective show at 1313 - photo by Jesse Milns

Me and Sean drinking in front of Mark Laliberte's print - photo by Jesse Milns

Receiving mail has been a joy this month

Cornfield bachelor party #2.


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