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“The Greatest Story Never Told”

I had a chance this week to go through my camera and upload some photos from my April show in Savannah, Georgia. Below is a sample of the drawings that I exhibited, as well as some shots of the city.

The main gallery wall

Me drinking a beer in my favourite DoubleNaut shirt

Jeff, the owner of the gallery (and the entire building), has an amazing loft. The guy is such a great supporter of artists.

Jeff’s amazing loft

Jimmy holding one of Jeff’s two Mucha’s

Savannah is really beautiful. Here’s a quick selection of the many photos Rose and I took while exploring.

Me standing in the courtyard of our inn

We ate a lot of praline at the candy shop

One of the biggest ships I’ve ever seen. At the waterfront.

Cat gate

We stopped by New York for a couple of days on the way back to Toronto. We went to galleries, saw some animals, and made sure to catch every happy hour we could. New York is always a blast :)

Standing in the rain with 2 sprained ankles

Fearless bird at the Central Park zoo

Penguin party

Everybody into the pool

Secret photos of Liu Bolin’s show in Chelsea

Love this wheatpaste in some alley

I’d like to thanks everyone at The Butcher for making our stay in Savannah so pleasant. I’ll definitely be coming back for a visit.
Below are profiles that people wrote/shot about my show. Thanks so much to Donny Slater for the great video, and Jessica Rycheal and Elizabeth Rushing for the fantastic coverage/write-ups. Keep up all the great work!

1) Savannah Art Map

2) The Greatest Story Never Told



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