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Explosions In The Sky

Explosions In The Sky will be in Korea this May, and I was asked to create a poster for the tour.
If you haven’t had a chance to listen to them, check out their website here.

They’ll be at the Uniqlo Ax Hall on May 10th

Explosions In The Sky Poster

Explosions In The Sky Poster


Bridging the Gap fundraiser

My good buddy Steve Ferrara from Well&Good Gallery is in charge of curating this year’s fundraiser at the Berkeley Field House.
Artists will be creating custom 34″ x 18″ ramps for the entrances to the event, which will then be auctioned off.

Here’s what I came up with for this year’s theme :)


If you’re in Toronto this Wednesday, here’s the info / links.

Wednesday May 29th
5:30 – 8:30PM
The Berkeley Field House
315 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON

Bridging The Gap 2013

More Portraits

A portrait of my friend Dusan Stojanovski that I recently finished.



Also, my friend Krys at The Refined Portrait whipped out this awesome drawing of me. I love it.

Copyright Refined Portrait

Copyright Refined Portrait

The Image Interview

My profile with The Image Interview was recently published. It’s a really great interview format. Joel and Sury did a fantastic job, as usual. 

Check out my profile below, as well as all of the others. It’s pretty addictive :)

All photos ©Joel Yum and The Image Interview.









It’s been a pretty busy year so far. I’n working on a few exciting collaborations and personal projects that are still quite far from completion.
Although I can’t post any of them just yet, below are a couple of pieces that I’ve recently finished.

Muntjak Skull - 12x16 inches

Muntjak Skull – 12×16 inches


Ink and Acrylic on Wood - 12x16 inches

Ink and Acrylic on Wood – 12×16 inches


Stay Busy, Stay Warm

PS here are three GIFs I made. They’re time-lapse photos of the recent snowfall/snowmelt in Toronto. Happy 2013. Stay busy, Stay warm xo

xo - 1

xo – 1

xo - 2

xo – 2

xo - 3

xo – 3