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365 Days of Type

My friend Sabrina Smelko created the 365 Days of Type project last year, singlehandedly tackling each daily creation.
For 2014, Sabrina and her partner in crime Shawn Lovering, are showcasing contributions from other designers and illustrators.

Only 39 days in, there is some really great stuff in their gallery. Check out the website here –, and follow all of the updates on their twitter –

Here’s my contribution, #39 :)

365 Days of Type - #39

365 Days of Type – #39


Busy Bee Iced Tea

I recently designed a logo for the Busy Bee Iced Tea Co.
Sean Anicic and his partners have teamed up to transform shipping containers into mobile retail shops, and the Busy Bee Iced Tea Company is one of their self-directed projects, under the FoodBooth company.
It’ll be popping up on Ontario’s beaches this summer, and will act as the first of many FoodBooth retailers.
Below are a couple of ideas that we tossed around on a patio :)

Initial layout test

Initial layout test

First Revision

First Revision

Final Layout

FInal Layout

More Portraits

A portrait of my friend Dusan Stojanovski that I recently finished.



Also, my friend Krys at The Refined Portrait whipped out this awesome drawing of me. I love it.

Copyright Refined Portrait

Copyright Refined Portrait

The Image Interview

My profile with The Image Interview was recently published. It’s a really great interview format. Joel and Sury did a fantastic job, as usual. 

Check out my profile below, as well as all of the others. It’s pretty addictive :)

All photos ©Joel Yum and The Image Interview.








Stay Busy, Stay Warm

PS here are three GIFs I made. They’re time-lapse photos of the recent snowfall/snowmelt in Toronto. Happy 2013. Stay busy, Stay warm xo

xo - 1

xo – 1

xo - 2

xo – 2

xo - 3

xo – 3